Wednesday, July 20, 2005

SungChun Wee
EAP2 WW054
Summary Response #2 –Rough Draft

Reforestation Summary/Response

In this article, “ Asia’s jungles in a jam, but hopes high for reforestation,” from South China Morning Post, the author says some forests in the world, especially Asia’s forests, suffer from deforestation in order to sufficient each countries’ greed. In case of China, They were damaged by floods. “Devastating floods on the Yangtze and yellow river in 1998 killed thousand of people and the removal of forests along the banks was blamed.” I think That truth is a example which shows why countries have to keep their forests.

This article gives us that there are some reasons why conservationist willing to fight some countries which are used to cutting their forest. In case of Indonesia , They have usually cut their forest amount of two million hectares last year. It is mainly caused by restoring of disaster, earthquake and tsunami. In other case, “Borneo’s forests could be gone in 10 years and part of that is the demand for timber going to China, and the rapidly growing palm oil industry.” These reasons point out that If we don’t protect our forest, we may lost our sources to breath in.

Even though there are some prove to reforest some areas, that data is not Enough now. A big amount of deforestation is still acting. Deforestation also causes some disease which is due to environmental reasons. “ A 2001 court case in which a Thai
girl was awarded damages for being injured by toxic pollution at bangkok’s port was a hopeful sign.” It may be caused by one reason that forest cover had fallen from three-fifth to one-fifth in Thai.

In such a bad news, however , I think we ought to have some hope that a damaged forest will be restored by ours. It is not easy way but that is acted someday. From one person to all countries, we should prepare forest’s damage and always ready to recover it.

Reference: South China Morning Post(2005, Feb 28). Asia’s jungles in a jam, but hopes high for reforestation. South China Morning Post, Retrived July 7, 2005 from

Thursday, July 14, 2005

Summary/Response #1

SungChun Wee
EAP2 WW054
Summary Response #1-Rough Draft

Floods Summary/Response

In the article, “Rapid Asian development exacerbating floods: analysts,” from the channel NewsAsia website, the author says floods which affect more bad influence to people comparable to before is caused by people’s own behavior such as deforestation, urbanization. The terrible floods which killed or damaged so many people in Asia, especially China and India, in 2004 is not only nature phenomenon but also environmental significance as nature’s revenge to people’s destructive act. The author also say to prevent horrible floods demands some solutions which recover the original nature. I agree with author’s thoughts because I think today almost of nature disasters involved floods are related to human behavior originated from greed of better life.

I think China and India are one of the main developing countries in the world. So, their governments want to push their economical circumstances to modern ways. That is, important factors for governments are limited as industrial development. They don’t have any surplus to protect environmental things. they usually cut trees and then make roads for their transfortations. Soils are moved from mountains to urban areas because it is needed as construction material. That attitude was a fundamental cause occuring such a terrible accident. Most of all, to nip in the bud the horrible floods needs the policy of environmental protection by their governments.

A detail counterplans are also needed to prevent floods. I mean the terrible flood can’t be solved by simple government’s intention. Their governments have to establish policies assisted by experts. For example, If some river usually make floods when it comes heavy rain, government have to survey what is the problem and find some solution, such as making high river walls. In addition to the preventing ways, If floods occur, governments also have to make the people’s refuges which are schools, government’s buildings something like that. Before it occurs governments will have to choose where is more acceptable as refuges.

I think All kinds of nature disasters which involve floods are prevented to some degree by people’s behavior. So, I mean countries which suffer from disasters have to protect their environment as more positive concept and ready for such a big disaster. Finally, I want to say This way is the best to acquire both environmental protection and the people’s lives.

Reference: Channel NewsAsia.(2004. July 23). Rapid Asian development exacerbating floods: analysts. Channel NewsAsia, from